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Sivan Ginzburg

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hello! I am a theoretical astrophysicist at the Hebrew University.

My current focus is on Planetary and Stellar Evolution, scroll down and check my research for more details.

I am currently looking for students and postdocs to work with, please email me if you are interested.


Directly-imaged planet inside its birth disk


The first planet orbiting another sun was discovered in 1995, and thousands more were detected since. In 2018, astronomers have directly imaged a planet during its formation for the first time. I study many aspects of planet formation and evolution, focusing on directly-imaged planets that are still growing in their birth disks.


Illustration of a star orbiting a white dwarf

Stellar Evolution

Stars evolve through a variety of stages. For example, our sun's envelope will inflate by orders of magnitude to become a red giant, leaving behind a dense white dwarf the size of the Earth. I study the evolution of various stars, focusing on binary systems where two different stars closely orbit one another and interact. 

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